Help Getting Rid Of Fbi Moneypak Virus

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  Posted by Guest - Help Getting Rid Of Fbi Moneypak Virus :
This virus says that its related to child porn and threatens to make you pay to get rid of this.  I think its the FBI moneypak virus?  How does one remove this?  I'm stuck!!!!!!!!

Guest Says:
It goes by a couple different names, DO NOT EVER PAY AS IT SAYS.  You will be stuck paying again and again and they wont actually remove it.  

Basically if you take it to somewhere like geed squad or best buy to remove the virus, they dont care that it says child porn as they all know its a fake virus so nothing to worry about with that, its often called ransomware because it holds your computer ransom.

Try this to manually remove the FBI moneypak virus and it should get your computer back working again:  
Reboot your computer in safe mode. Find and run your windows system restore.  It will open a window and then choose a date about a week ago (you will see alot of different restore points, pick one thats for sure before the virus, one week or two, whatever).  Restore it back, set ok, and let the computer reboot.  The virus now should be gone.

Good luck!  Let me know if you still have a problem!

Guest Says:
There are many variations of this fbi virus, some try to scare you by saying child porn and stuff like that, others use your webcam to take your photo and put it on the page to scare you, alot of variations but they all say FBI and try to convince you to pay up.

Guest Says:
How do I do this for IPhone or Ipod

Guest Says:
iphone or ipod wont get that fbi moneypak virus because they aren't able to get it install on an iphone, so what you are only seeing the browser webpage displaying trying to fool you.  Its not actually on your iphone.  Just close the browser and clear your cache, nothing to even worry about.

Assuming of course you didn't jailbreak your iphone, if you did that then you removed the security and anyone can install anything on it.

Guest Says:
This scared the #### out of me, I got this pop up trying to watch a show called True Blood on my cellphone witch is a android, I got the pop up accusing me of a bunch of #### that i have NEVER done and that i would NEVER do, i was like what the ####?

The Pop up was acuseing me of discusting crimes... it also brought up other crimes to... i know its a virus but it also made my phone download a porn watcher thing witch i imedetley deleted i also cleared my cashe and history...... i really hope i never get that pop up again..... ####ing scared the #### out of me

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