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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Dropped In Water :
i was doing my dishes and i the iphone was near the counter but when i was grabbed it, it fell directly in the sink full of dish water. I grabbed it quickly but it was in the water for a second or so.  I read to let it sit in rice but how many hours?
The sound is only coming out of 1 speaker and the back camera is fogged up. what do I need to do to get this back to normal or is the iphone permanently water damaged?

Guest Says:
Water can destory electronics. Let it dry 2-3 days and hope it isn't damaged, if you turned it on then it may be to late.  Otherwise make an appt and take it to an apple store so they can look at it.  It may go down as a good lesson learned on how to better take care of your phone in the future.

If your contract is up, I would just get a new iphone and put your money towards that rather then towards fixing a water damaged phone.

You can recycle your old stuff on apple's site and they will give you store credit for it, so at least you will get something back for it. Even if damaged something is better then nothing. http://www.apple.com/recycling/

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