Dfsort-copying Unedited Part Of Fb File To Output

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  Posted by Guest - Dfsort-copying Unedited Part Of Fb File To Output :

I am trying to work on a problem that I have to copy a FB file of unknown LRECL to an output file.

My tasks has follwoing steps:
Step 1) The file can be created using DB2 Unload, so the file LRECL will be defined automatically as FB.
Step 2) Create a sort step to uncompress the first field of the file. I can do that that by using p,m,f,TO=F (BI,To=ZD in my case) in outrec build, but I dont know the records length of rest of the file after that to be copied into output file. For a VB file i can specify 'p' to copy rest of the file, but that does nto work for FB where I need to specify p,m
Step 3) Send the file to off-host system which can read the zoned decimal format and rest of the data.

Any suggestions please? I did try to search a lot before askign it.

Guest Says:
You definitely will know the length of the file, a db2 unload will give you the same length everytime so I dont get why that is an issue?

Guest Says:
Length is unknown becuase I an trying to unload various tables into same file. I am trying to build a generic tool to unload different table and expand the compressed field and send it to a non-mainframe server. All my tables that I have to send have only first two fields in Integer format.

If this is a feasible approach, I just need to write multiple unload data cards and execute the same proc for rest of the task.

Guest Says:
I think in that case you should just uncompress the fields in the SQL itself, so its string characters and avoid dfsort all together, that seems like the easiest solution to me.  Otherwise maybe look at icetool (different features but its still dfsort) as it has other options but off the top of my head I dont think I've ever done that scenario you are doing.

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