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  Posted by Guest - Free Up "other" On Iphone :
My storage on the iphone has other listed.  I know what the storage is for pics, apps and all the other stuff but what is the category "other" and why does it take space?  

Also is there a way I can delete other and free up more storage.

Guest Says:
First off other is basically your system running on the phone and other misc items.  It could be game data or messages and contacts, etc, although things like messages and contacts take up so little space its almost meaningless.  Do you really think the phone itself doesn't need any space to actually work or run?  What I would do is go through all your apps that you aren't using and uninstall them, but only if you really dont want them.  Otherwise most people dont realize you can save a ton of storage space by just offloading all your videos and photos (and some of your music if you have 1000's of mp3 songs) to your computer. There are many links on this board that explain how to do this. That alone will free up a ton of storage space.

Guest Says:
Here are some things I uncovered researching.

- If you have a safari reading list if can grow big if you are continually saving webpages full of graphics. You have to clean this up and not just let them continually build for later reading.

- Many old messages if full of pictures, etc, can add up.

- Some apps like cydia, safeharbor, browser history, cookies, etc, can save and store tons of information. This can consume several gig or more. Jailbroken phones often have this problem with other.

- Make sure itunes doesn't have folders within folders where you are automatically syncing and copying alot of extra stuff to your iphone.

Guest Says:
The itunes thing seems to be very common issue with causing other data to go up to 4 gig at times, I would recommend turning off automatic sync in itunes so that you manually copy back and forth.  Then you wont sync up folders in foldres etc or anything like that.  

Guest Says:
Itunes will reserve alot of space in other when you have it set for automatic sync.  Make it manual and alot of of the other space will free up.

lol Says:
dont update your phone

Guest Says:
I have done every thing you said and in other on the laptop I can't but anything on my iphone 5 because other has taking all the space

Never fear, I'm an engineer Says:
Yup, if you have done all this and still have more than 1.5 GB of other it's time to restore the phone. And not from backup, do a clean install and set up as new. If you restore a backup you will just be restoring the same bug back to the device.

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