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  Posted by Guest - Send Apple Iphone Suggestions :
I have a few suggestions I want to send to apple on the iphone, I checked  

Any idea where I can send them suggestions?  There isn't anywhere on their site I can find and definitely do not want ot call as this is just some suggestions only.

Thanks :)

Guest Says:
Good question, I searched and found this link below.

That link is for iphone suggestions.  You can send them ipad suggestions also separately at

Guest Says:
I sent them feedback. Apple needs to add an option so that if I have group messaging turned off and dont want to be part of any group messaging, that I dont receive the message but if someone sends me a message where I'm part of a "group" then they get an automatic response back stating that I have group messaging turned off and they need to message me individually.  Many people want to get out of annoying group messages and this is a way to guarantee then wont receive it and the sender gets a msg so they can still notify you separately.

Guest Says:
Apple really needs an option so that the phone wont ring unless the calling number is in your contacts list! Then I dont need to keep blocking numbers.  This would be a great feature.  Another thing is the caller should still HEAR IT RINGING.  This way they dont even realize they are blocked!

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