Does Using A Proxy Server Really Make Me Anonymous

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  Posted by Guest - Does Using A Proxy Server Really Make Me Anonymous :
So when I use a proxy for web browsing in firefox or ie, does this really make my IP and all my browsing anonymous?  All of it?  There seems to be conflicting details on this on the internet  

DD Says:
You can make your browsing anonymous of course but this means the websites you browse do not know your information because you go through multiple locations to get there.  Note that this will slow down your browsing too.  The big thing here is that your IP is ALWAYS known by your cable or dsl company, etc.  Using a proxy has nothing to do with that, you cannot hide your IP address, but you can hide it from the sites you visit which is different all together.

Even using private browsing in firefox will block all browser information, cookies, flash cookies, etc.  This has nothing to do with your cable company knowing who you are though based on your IP.

John Says:
You can never really hide your IP address.  You cellphone provider or internet provider can always link your IP to you, it doesnt matter what you do. You can run anything you want as an app on your iphone or other phone, that will NOT hide your IP. The only thing you can really hide is websites wont know this information but its not like its hidden from your actual service since they are the ones that actually set your IP address.

Guest Says:
You are never really anonymous on the internet or cellphone no matter what anyone tells you. It doesnt matter what app you run either because your IP address is controlled completely outside of your computer and your phone. Everything you do is logged by your carrier or internet service, and can always be linked to you via your IP address at that exact time no matter what you do, its foolish to thinking otherwise.

Guest Says:
When you check your IP on those websites, thats only showing that the IP is blocked to that website, it is NEVER blocked with your internet service or cellphone service, that is always known and logged as the websites showing your IP address lookup have nothing to do with that.

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