Delete All Prime Time Anytime Shows On Dish Hopper

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  Posted by Guest - Delete All Prime Time Anytime Shows On Dish Hopper :
On the dish network hopper: How do you delete all the prime time anytime shows that are saved?  I know I can go into each and select, then select delete, but I don't want to do this 80 times.

Guest Says:
Why not just disable prime time anytime and then let them roll off?  After 8 days the prime time anytime shows just roll off anyways, so you really don't have to delete them, and if disabled then they will go away automatically.

Guest Says:
Isn't there 2 different types of receivers?  DO they work the same as I'm not sure if its set to rolloff they are still there.  I'll give it a week or so

Guest Says:
Menu. Settings. Dvr defaults. Prime time any time. Then disable recordings :)

Guest Says:
Thank you for this! We somehow created prime time shows to record
Super happy to know how to end conflicts in recording!

Guest Says:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Guest 🙄 Says:
Go to menu, settings, DVR DEFAULTS. Sellect PRIMETIME, Clict the OFF Button and Save. Shows in progress will record but none after that.

Guest Says:
Thank you .Sundays  don't work right on primetime  because of games running late thanks again

Pissed off Dish user Says:
PT Any Time should be an opt-in service.  This started automatically after I unwisely chose to update the Dish App.  I have lost movies and shows due to this crap and filled my disk up with unwanted shows.  Poor decision to do this, especially right after My family missed the entire season of "The Voice" due to Dish disputes with my local FOX provider. Not the first time.  We missed the last several episodes of "This Is Us" as well due to another ill timed dispute between Dish and that local provider.  THIN ICE dish tv. Thin friggin' ice.  I am way past my contract.  And way past my patience meter.

Guest Says:
I agree with the previous post, no way they should be turning that crap on automatically.  It just makes extra work initially for people to now dig through and turn it off.

Jerry Says:
Is dish hopper better the DVR direct tv offers?

Guest Says:
Jerry, this link talks about advantages and disadvantages of both dvr's.

Dish Hopper vs Direct TV

Another pissed off customer Says:
I agree with the two post above. I'm about to go back to Comcast. Stop messing with things Dish and thinking everyone wants something turned on...!! Waited on hold for an hour just to talk to someone on how to stop recording that crap that I didn't even turn on... found this site that helped and I hung up then. Takes away a tuner so what is the point of have 4 tuners and can only watch 2 programs. Jerks

Happy Dish user Says:
I also had trouble with PTA but only because i turned it on not knowing what it was only to find out it wasn't something i wanted. I don't blame Dish...i would take Dish any day over Direc my Dish!!!!

Guest Says:
Of course direct tv costs alot more, and they have a reputation of raising the costs little by little each month.  Thats also what direct tv did when I had their service and I had heard that about them before that.

The cost I was paying with direct tv was around $117, and the same package with dish is around $84 (and also includes a few channels I like that dish didnt have).

Guest Says:
Whoops I meant to say a few channel "direct tv" didn't have.

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