How Do I Type Underscore On Ipad?

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Type Underscore On Ipad? :
I want to use an underscore on an id name but cannot because the ipad doesn't have it on the keyboard?

Guest Says:
The underscore is on there, do the following.

Be sure to follow it step by step as some others said they couldnt find it but thats because they didnt follow the steps exactly and you will definitely see the underscore as its not like ipads dont come with that on the keyboard :)

Open you keypad and you will see the alphabet.

Tap the key that shows .?123

Then look for the key that shows #+= and tap that

Now look for the underscore and you will see it.

This also has keys for many other symbols like $ brackets, asterisk percent sign, pipe, etc

Guest Says:
not sure why I couldn't find this   lol

Guest Says:
Most of the answers I found about this bug are rubbish. The bug is there and there is no underscore EVEN if you go to #+= section.

This works occasionally and it seems to happen mostly with Winows/Microsft related applications, e.g try to log in to hotmail where you will find out clearly that it doesn't work. But with apple email it works.

I workaround this by havin my email address in the notes from where I copy paste it then where needed

makayla Says:
on facebook  were is the underscore

Guest Says:
I had to hit the shift key before continuing and found it

Mystique Says:
This will only work if the cursor is in the password field. This will not work if you are typing in the username. Go to note pad & type the username there. Then copy & paste it in the username field on the login screen.

Guest Says:
The underscore is on the letters page by the space bar.

Lexi Says:
There is NO underscore key on the iPad 2 whatsoever!!

jyotsna Says:
i can see the key on my left as described but it wont type the symbol for email address

Conk Says:
There is a "now you see me now you don't" underscore key. It depends on what app you are using. It works for email and for the memo app for me. You will see a plus sign to add an address.

Guest Says:
Thanks to the last posting. The underscore shows up on some apps and not on - this is a dilemma. I had to do a cut and paste to achieve including this symbol. Should I send complaints to the app writer, app owner or Apple.

Guest Says:
I had to go to notes and type in my email and then copy and paste it

Willie Cayabyab Says:
This sucks. I paid a premium on my iPad 4 yet a simple underscore is no where to be found. No wonder apple stock is going down the drain. It's down 45 points today. Just a piece of my frustration. Suckssssss

bunrth Says:
Why can't Apple fix the 'Now you see it, now you don't" underscore?   Makes no sense to me.  I will have to change the screen name for eBay just so that I won't need the underscore.  In this day and age?   I was going to buy a mini but will go with Samsung from here on out.

Guest Says:
All you who think the underscore is not there, it IS there.  You just aren't looking in the right place.

Carol Says:
Could. Of get this to work at all......still floundering

Marie Murrell Says:
Oh yes, it is there just as he said on IPad 2. Do not take it out on Apple if we do not seek answers. I did not know....just turned 70 and am useless with tech stuff but I do not believe in giving up and after finding this site with this helpful guests instruction my problem was solved .....and I cannot. Thank that guest enough for the advice

LJ Says:
On my iPad, the underscore  _ is where the A is before hitting.?123.  But if I am sending an email it is right beside the space bar underneath the @ symbol.  Hopes this helps!!!

Guest Says:
How do you make 2 underscores blend in

Guest Says:
To Guest and your comment:

Please shut your mouth if you have nothing constructive to say. As others have said THIS IS AN ISSUE and many people have it AND YES HAVE LOOKED and YES ITS NOT THERE.

So in future I suggest you keep you mouth shut least all the hot air escape from it.

Guest Says:
Whoa, looks like an internet tough guy joined this board.

Guest Says:
Thanks, the underscore is definitely there, I thought for sure it was missing on my iphone and ipad both (I have older ipad and newer iphone), until I slowed down and paid attention to what I was doing, the underscore is there. lol  Its easy to overlook if you dont pay attention to what you do.

Anne Says:
Thank you guest for clear, concise directions.  I'm 76 and still learning.

Guest Says:
Very helpful, Thanks

Valentine Says:
First type the key 123 then press #+- key than you will see the underscore for iPad mini 3

Guest Says:
Here is a screenshot of the underscore, it is circled. The arrow points to the button that toggles the keyboard screen back and forth to show this. Keep in mind different versions may change some but should always be close to the same interface.

Guest Says:
How did you draw the arrow like that on the photo?

Guest Says:
I used the iphone app "write on picture" :-)  (I got it here at this link).

Luke Says:
New guy here. cant see how to ask question, so am respondeding t the reply option. any port in a storm? i have an ipad 2 mini which has an on screen keyboard. I need to find the dash keboard option and can only find the minus symbol in the numerical option. pulling out hair so can anyone help this poor chook with the answer, Ta  

Guest Says:
On my iPad--a relatively old one, when i start an email, the underscore is right under the @  on the bottom right.

Guest Says:
The underscore disappears and cannot be entered at  An alternate keyboard appears.  The underscore can be found at other websites as described using the .?123 etc.

Yantho Says:

Had this problem when inpputing an address with an under score. The only way to solve it is to put your cursor into another part of your screen (in my case, the search section) and then use the .?123 key which produces the - where A  was and then the #+= key which then produces the _ in place of the - .This has then to be copied and pasted in as it is not available in the email address portion of the contact book.  Obviously a programming flaw that must be addressed by Apple.

Guest Says:
Just had the same problem and found this discussion.___________definitely available here but to type it into contacts I had to cut and paste from notes. I am using an iPad Air.

Guest Says:
The underline key is there all right you just can't use it to underline a word or characters

Guest Says:
No, it's not an underline for underlining letters, it's an underscore like you have in email addresses at times etc.

Guest Says:
The above person typed a bunch of underscores just copy and last that.... I googled it and copied it from the definition or underscore.

_ _ _ _ _  here is a few with my Android phone

Amelia Or Sandyfloss Says:
I can't find a hyphen ANYWHERE on my iPad mini. 😭 It's REALLY bugging me! 😓

Amelia Or Sandyfloss Says:
Ok, I've read some of the comments and somebody said that you can use underscores INSTEAD of using hyphens I might try it and if I put " it works!! " then someone can come and hit me in the head. 😧

Amelia Or Sandyfloss Says:
1 minute later... Alright people! I've looked for it and the is NOTHING there!!! WHAT is going on??? Why? How? When did I get this problem? PLEASE I'm BEGGING someone to please tell me in the next YEAR so you've got PLENTY of time. P. S  I'm sorry about the capital letters it might seem like I'm shouting at all of you lovely people. ✌️ ❤️ 👋

526 Says:
It depends upon what type of keyboard you have chosen. Under Settings - Keyboards... no underscore for Qwerty, but if you choose the Azera, the underscore comes up next to the spacebar.

Sri Says:
This is May 2017. Yes! Underscore sign is there. But when you use it as part of your password including apple ID password, it won't work.
I have to use an external keyboard.
Yes! It's frustrating. Says:
I found the_on my iPhone phone  and iPad.  However after I  type a sentence & wish to underscore it, the underscore either goes before the sentence & moves the sentence along w/o underscoring.  I tried putting the cursor @ the end, it just underscores blank space. Help,  how do I underscore?

Jamesy Says:
People getting all high and mighty about it being there are incorrect - on SOME apps the underscore is simply not there, whilst on others it is. I think I'm on a classic iPad but when I go to put in my Facebook email the underscore is literally nowhere to be found on the keyboard - yet when I go to put in my Facebook password it shows up.

Seems like an utterly bizarre and ridiculous design choice to me? I have to go into another app and copy and paste my email from there.

Guest Says:
Jamesy - If you are talking about a specific app, maybe the developer has done different types of coding for that. With specific apps you might have to email their support as they may not realize they are missing this.  Most have it but when getting to a specific app you have to look at what they wrote in that case.

Moderator Says:
Amelia, there seems to be alot of confusion so here is a recent screenshot I just took off my iphone (maybe older versions were different so this is recent) showing the underscore and hyphen both. This is on the iphone imessage, the top shows that you tap 123 button, then you see there is an underscore button and hyphen button both. You can then tap the ABC button when done to get back to the alphabet.

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