How Do I Get Photos Off The Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Get Photos Off The Iphone? :
Where are the photos stored in itunes when I back it up?  Is there a way to get the photos off my iphone.  Yeah I know I can email them to myself but I woudl rather just copy them like normal

Guest Says:
First off photos are stored in C-users-owner-appdata-roaming-apple computer-mobilesync-backup  but that is stored in sqlite database, not just files you can copy. Dont mess with that, just connect your iphone to the computer and open explorer, it will appear just like a hard drive and you can copy from it, you don't even need to use itunes to copy the pictures or videos from the iphone

Guest Says:
You can just view your pictures on your iphone itself just by opening itunes and connecting phone, then just choose owners iphone and you can click through them on the phone itself

Guest Says:
Sorry I said that wrong above, after connecting just open windows explorer and view it like a disk drive. I thought I used to be able to view the other way to but windows explorer is even easier once connected.

Joe Says:
You can also copy from the computer to the iphone. Just open itunes and then connect your iphone.  It will recognize it.  On the photos tab (top right on mine) choose sync and then the folders to sync pictures from.  You can copy photos from computer to iphone this way.

Guest Says:
When you connect your iphone to your pc, you can just open windows explorer and the iphone will show there, you can then drag and drop photos just like anything else to your hard drive.  If you dont see the iphone in windows explorer then open itunes in the background as that will help it be recognized.

Guest Says:
I prefer cutting and pasting from iphone to PC like this, its much quicker to copy photos in bulk and delete photos in bulk from the iphone at the same time.

Guest Says:
This says photos but you can also copy all videos using the same method above.

Guest Says:
You dont need to even open itunes anymore, just use windows explorer to cut or copy the photos to your hard drive. It used to be true you had to open itunes but on mine I dont open it anymore and it works fine, just connect your iphone and go to windows explorer and you will see the iphone appear under drive D or E, etc.

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