Fraud On Craigslist By Aol E-mailers

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  Posted by Paula - Fraud On Craigslist By Aol E-mailers :
Please be aware that the holders of these aol accounts are posting false job ads on craigslist and requesting resumes by sent to their e-mail accounts:

I have already alerted Craigslist but thought you's wanna know about some nefarious character(s) with your aol address.

Guest Says:
Fraud on craigslist is common, craigslist is a great service for buying and selling locally, but be carefull anytime someone wants to discuss jobs, dates, or apartment and house rentals on craigslist.  Those are common fraud areas.

Guest Says:
Like buying an iphone on craigslist, always be carefull, if buying a phone I would meet at the carrier so they can check the ESN right there before you exchange cash so you can make sure its good, if the seller doesn't want to do that, then obviously its a huge red flag and you should not do the deal.

Also be on on alert if someone is selling the newest version of iphone on craigslist.  Why would someone sell the newest iphone?  They wouldn't .... unless its stolen or damaged. Meet at the carrier and dont consider any other option.

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