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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Won't Charge :
I just looked at my iphone tonight and seen it had gone compeltely black, I accidently let it drain down completely so it was probably dead for a full day.  Now when I plug it into the wall to charge, it continually shows the battery symbol with a little red on the left.  The lightning bolt shows underneath it.  I had it plugged in for 40 minutes and it still just shows the red on the battery and the lightning bolt, nothing changed and it wont charge!

Guest Says:
This is wierd but some have had success doing the following with the exact same situation you have.

Plug your iphone into your usb on your computer.  The same battery and red will show on teh screen.  Shut the computer down (mac or pc doesn't matter).  Let the screen go black on the iphone.  Reboot the computer and it should now show charging.  It's wierd I know, but this has worked for many people.

Guest Says:
Ok you are right, its now charging and here is what I did to get it to work:

I was googling this and it does seem like alot of people did what you said.  One said unplug from the wall, let the iphone go black, then hold the home button down for 5 seconds, then while holding it down plug it into the wall again and you should see the apple logo appear and the charging symbol.  

Another said what you suggested above, turning computer off with iphone plugged in.  Turn computer completely off and watch iphone go dark. Then reboot computer and the apple logo should pop on and show it charging.

Now I experimented with these, the first one above didn't work for me.  Just for the record I have been charing the iphone for about 1.5 hours and its still showing the red on the battery and the bolt, nothing else works.  I plugged it into the computer (windows) and rebooted, still nothing but realized I didn't turn it off and just rebooted instead. So I first removed the extension chord for my USB just to get a direct plugin (didn't think it mattered but wanted to make sure), and just when I was getting ready to shut hte computer off, a "device driver" install showed in the bottom right of my pc, and then itunes popped open, and then the iphone beeped and the apple logo appeared!  It's back!   It shows 5% .... I think it probably wasn't the items above and just took a good hour or two of charging to get the battery back to life because I let it run out for so long.  Just a guess, but I wanted to let you know, before worrying about all this make sure you charge your iphone overnight and give it a chance to regain power first.

Guest Says:
Continuing from above, now that I think about it, maybe it was just plugging my USB directly into the computer that made the computer recognize and reset something in it? Now that I think about it that occurred shortly after plugging the iphone directly into the USB where earlier I had it connected to a USB extension chord.  Not sure if it matters but this may help others.  The exact amout of time I see now that I was charging was right about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and my phone was probably dead all day.

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