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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Battery Wont Charge - Lightening Bolt Shows :
ok not sure what the heck I did to it, but suddenly the battery is completely dead.  When I turn the iphone on it just shows the battery with the red at the bottom, and the lightening bolt under the batter picture and this won't change.  I can't power it down, can't reset the iphone, it just continually shows.  After plugging it in, the iphone still just shows the red battery picture and the lightening bolt and doesn't change, battery doesn't charge, etc.  I'm dreading going to the apple store.  I recently changed the chord and bought new, so thats not the issue

Guest Says:
Did you drop it or do anything to it?  I've dropped my iphone many times and they are durable, so I doubt thats the issue, but just guessing.

Guest Says:
Also, unplug it from the computer and plug it into the wall instead.  The wall is actually a better charge and eliminates the possibility it could be a computer issue, usb issue, etc.  Also be aware that if you have let the battery go COMPLETELY dead, then you need to leave it plugged in for a while before you see the battery picture go away.  For example you may need to leave it plugged in for an hour or more just to get the charge back, then you should see the green battery symbol appear or the % charged in the upper right hand corner at least go to 7% or so before the red battery picture disappaers

Guest Says:
I know some that put an old iphone in a drawer and then a year later tried to recharge and use it.  You CANT do that with any rechargeable battery, letting a battery go to 0% and then sit for a long time destroys the battery.  If you have an old iphone sell it while its worth something because its stupid to put it in a drawer and just leave it, or give it away on craigslist if you dont want to sell it. (Just wipe it first so its not icloud locked)

Guest Says:
Hi all I bought an iphone 6 tonight and it just wont charge the charging bolt is under the battery ans the red line is blinking I bought it at half 9 tonight and still nothing can anyone help me please

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