Deer Meat Sold In Grocery Stores

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  Posted by Guest - Deer Meat Sold In Grocery Stores :
Why can't I buy deer meat in grocery stores?  Does anyone know if this is legal or state laws, as this is a very lean meat and I like the wild game taste of meats.  Same question with wild ferrel hogs, if wild hogs are such a problem spreading across the U.S., selling wild hog meat in grocery stores would probably be cheaper then the pork they sell todya.

MR Says:
I think deer meat is too hard to raise in a farm type environment, I don't think any laws prevent it.  I agree deer meat would be a nice option, especially if the deer comes from Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin areas, because the deer meat is all corn fed and is really good.  As you stated, also good for you.

MR Says:
Yeah good point on wild boar also, I wouldn't mind trying that and I'm not a hunter, but that would keep the population in check if wild boar was a grocery store option.  

They do already sell rabbit, quail, and buffalo in the grocery store I go to.  I was going to buy a rabbit but the price was ridiculous, they wanted $15 for a rabbit, give me a break .... thats way to much for that.  It's probably expensive because its just a rare item to see in the store, but no way I'm paying that for a rabbit.

MR Says:
That also brings up Elk, Moose, etc.  Even fish like bluegill, bullhead, etc., I would like to try all those.  I guess catfish are farm raised so those are what you see most often in stores and many restaurants, but to me I would like to be able to buy elk and moose along with deer meat, those options would be great to try.

Guest Says:
I've seen rabbit in my grocery store too. I would have bought it but it was way to much imo.

If you go to fish camps, there is alot of locally caught fish that you can get there, stuff like bass, catfish, perch, etc.  There is one that even servers quail and python. (I tried almost all the different things they have there).

Guest Says:
I've seen restaurants that serve:

Burmese python

Why wouldnt they serve deer meat if they are serving all these other items? Even crackers and deer sausage would go good with a beer :-)

GuestCharles Says:
Where can I buy venison in Rhode Island ???

Guest Says:
I would love to buy deer meat in the grocery store, deer sausage blows away any of that other sausage and deer is much leaner and healthier type of meat.

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