Is Veetle Tv Software Safe?

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  Posted by Guest - Is Veetle Tv Software Safe? :
I want to download the veetle tv software, I'm wondering if this is safe or is veetle a virus or spyware program?

Guest Says:
I downloaded it, I also looked through the files it installs and where it puts them. Here are the details below. (By the way you can use Disk and Registry Alert to see where installs files, it's good for this type of thing, it shows you everything it installs and the folders, thats what I used).

Guest Says:
Veetle installs alot of files but all of them are located in the veetle folder in the program files folder.  Lots of DLLs but they are all located in one place instead of spread out all over, which is a good sign that its not hiding stuff elsewhere.  They are all in the player folder and vlcbroadcast folder.  This all looks fine to me and works no problem.

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
I downloaded the veetle software and my security program stopped the download and said it had located a trojan.

Guest Says:
Be carefull where you download this from!  When you download free software its often free for a reason, and many try to copy the name or have fake downloads of it.  What site did you download it from?

Guest Says:
I would always make sure software you download is from the U.S. or Europe or Canada.  I would NOT download anything from China or Russia, you are just asking for a trojan or scam.

Guest Says:
As always when you download stuff like this you are taking risk, there are many different sites and there are also sites with many different popups that are fake and malware related, so some try to get you to install different things.  Its risky if you dont know what you are doing when downloading stuff like this.

raymond Says:
ive had veetle on my laptop for a couple of years now and never had problems. and if i did i have the best virus, malware program on the planet.

Guest Says:
As always I think it matters where you download it.  Be carefull that its not a chinese or russian site (meaning server is not there, they will try to make it look american), I would never trust those countries.

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