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  Posted by kelly - How To I Report Phishing To Aol :
A friend sent me an email that I supposed sent him asking if my account had been phished.... how do I report this to AOL to investigate?

Guest Says:
go to and go to the help section, they have contacts there to report phishing, fraud, etc

Guest Says:
There is an abuse or phishing email contact for aol at   You can report abuse to AOL there, but keep in mind phishing is attempted daily so there isn't much they can do with a million emails, most are not even from aol members even though the email may look like it is.  If the notify email above doesn't work then go to and see if they have a new one as stated, sometimes those email addresses change Says:
someone may have phished my account I have been receiving messages from friends saying to change my password which i did and report this to AOL which I am doing now.  Is there anything else I should do?

Guest Says:
As long as you changed your password you should be fine.  Make sure you don't have any spyware on your computer which is stealing your passwords, always worth checking out .....

Guest Says:
You can't report phishing or attempted fraud/I.D. theft to AOL. They have an email address ( where one can supposedly send suspicious emails, but it does nothing and AOL never responds. It's a waste of time.

Dena ford Says:
I have already reported to aol abuse legal dept by email and through UPS. I sent the aol legal dept printed emails of porn, men wanting to perform unsavory acts on me, pics of mens ####'s, mental institution literature, addiction/ AAA sites, Facebook's and many other offensive emails. The person doing it is kelly knopick and it's been going on for almost 4 years. I had to drop my aol acct and start using gmail however she is still harrassing me by skype. Also she managed to obtain my gmail address and I'm not getting the same disgusting emails. Aol obviously does not take abuse seriously or they would have dropped a long time ago. I'm 52 years old and use the internet for legal purposes, purchases, paying bills not as a weapon. My files were stolen, emails read and deleted. Also all my vacation pics, daughter, family photos deleted. I'm finding young people who don't work have lots of time on their hands to perform such criminal activity. I would like to know what my next option is. I already filed with sheriff's dept and sent aol the report number. Still aol has done nothing what so ever!!

judy brennan Says:
I just received the following scam:  AOL HELP.      

We received your request at 20.15PM yesterday to delete your email box permanently. Please reconfirm your request by choosing either of the two options below but please note that if you fail to click on option1 we will have no other choice than to delete your email box.

1. Click here  to continue using our service (log in your details)
2. Click here  to discontinue using our service.

Best Regards,

The AOL Mail team

Guest Says:
Thats just a scam, click the spam button on the email and ignore it.

Guest Says:
I recommend searching for AOL's report/support addresses and sending your report to them, but the cannot respond due to the fact there's many more reports to look at. In the meantime, block the sender and the message and tell others about the scam you received. Be sure to change your password in case, and check if your email address is posted without your approval and report that.

Main point: send your report to multiple AOL report and support addresses to maximize the chance that your report will get seen.

Bob Says:
If you receive a call from 844-784-2424 MyGeeksWorld - they are not affiliated with AOL.  They will tell you they are the tech support for AOL; then ask you questions... Hang-Up. Do not give them your phone numbers / passwords / or any account information.  Do Not Believe them.

Guest Says:
There are actually quite a few AOL scams where they act like they are tech support, but AOL doesn't affiliate with these in any way.  Never give out any information because of a random phone call, just like never give out information because you received an email either .....

Sandra Says:
Hi I have received an email to say you are updating you data policy and I need to click on a link to update today otherwise I will not be able to get into by account. It appears to ask for my email address and password.  I have not done this as I am suspicious, it says it is from  Oath company

Guest Says:
Sandra, thats because yahoo and aol are forming a new company named oath.  You will see oath message if using either of their email services etc.

Guest Says:
You have to love how aol says dont fall for phishing emails, then oath sends out an email to everyone on aol and yahoo email asking to click the links.  LMAO  

Guest Says: stealing email addresses and sending out fake emails to click on a link. do not click on the link from this dirtbag coward.

Jesus Says:
There is no such thing as an email where you can report phishing attempts or abuse issues to AOL.
Stop believing in fairy tales!

(they hated Jesus because he told them the truth)

cb Says:

Good Day,

Thank you for contacting the AOL Email Support Team. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.

The email you received is definitely not from AOL. It's a phishing scam. A phishing scam is a message that tries to trick you into providing private information.

When AOL needs to contact you for any reason, we use AOL Certified or AOL Official Mail to make it easier for our members to identify legitimate AOL communication.

Note: For more detailed information about AOL Certified Mail or AOL Official Mail, please refer to our Identify AOL Official Mail, Priority Mail, and Certified Mail article.

You can forward it to so that AOL can flag that email appropriately.

Moreover, you can block these types of emails by modifying your Spam Settings. Please refer to this article: How do I block emails from a particular sender in AOL Mail for more information.

We hope the information we provided you was helpful. Please let us know if we may assist you in the future.

Best regards,

AOL Email Support Specialist



Subject: I received this E mail I hope this is a spam

Original Message: Deactivation Team (
To:you Details

Dear Valued Customer,

We received a request to terminate your AOL Mail account and the process has started by our Mail Team, Please give us 24 working hours to close your Account. To cancel the termination,
Please call +1-888-494-0464 (toll free) and follow the instructions.

Note : All files on your AOL mail account including (Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, Draft) will be deleted and access to your AOL mail account will be denied.

Thank you for using AOL Mail Services.


al Says:
How so I track down one of your email address because of repeated spoofs

Guest Says:
this is a phishing scam I received an email from:

Guestphyllisp Says:
Phishing email from all mail saying I was to be disconnected  

Guestphyllis Says:
Email saying I was going to be disconnected from aol

Guest Says:
Getting emails every other day from ksrld@ (several "services" such as:)

Same message as those noted above.  I block and delete, but some come through again.  They are spoofing the sending provider now too?

Guest Says:
Getting emails every other day from ksrld@ (several "services" such as:)

Same message as those noted above.  I block and delete, but some come through again.  They are spoofing the sending provider now too?

Guest Says:
Gerald W. Dubats
5811 Sandy Pointe Drive
Sarasota, Fl 34233


An AOL email states I won 20.000.00 I think thes is a scam.

Jerry Dubats scan below

     Click here for the accessible version

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perkins329,Dear AOL Award Winner

Mon, Jun 24, 2019 5:10 pm

Aol news@pitchbook.comHide


Dear AOL Award Winner:

You have been award 20,000$ from AOL award promotion 2019 Kindly reply for more winning information and for claim.


AOL Lottery Board.


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Guest Says:
Previous post, thats definitely a scam attempt. Dont even bother replying to them on that stuff, they are mass spamming people and hoping someone bites on their scam, thats how it works.

Guest Says:
The correct is email is:,

Guest Says:
This is email address of individuals committing rental fraud.   I am the homeowner and Victim of this Assault.
They have taken my rental post which I have thru a local real estate agent and listed it on Craigslist.  Fortunately
one of the individuals they have been in contact with was skeptical and contacted my real estate agent and has shared correspondence which includes this email as well as phone number.  I can send you copy sent to me.   I wish this email address be taken down as they are using your services for Criminal Activity which obviously violates your terms of agreement.    I wish a reply as soon as possible

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