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I just bought a codesigning certificate and its called a PKCS12 file???? Never heard of such a thing as before I always used a private key pvc and spc file and used the microsoft signtool to choose these. How do I use this or have I bought the wrong thing??? When I run the authenticode program signtool from MS it wont let me choose the P12 file, which is the extension this certificate has for hte pkcs12 thing. I fear I have purchased the wrong item.

Guest Says:
No you are fine. When you open the signtool.exe window, you won't see that option if you use the choose file button. First just double-click your p12 file, this will open a window to follow through a few clicks to install it. Then open the signtool.exe window and use the select from store option, you will see your certificate there. Choose it and install, just like the pvc and spc certificates, just a different way of doing it.

Guest Says:
By the way I assume you have the p12 (pkcs12) file on your copmuter already. If not then you need to save it to your computer first, go into your browser certificates until tools and backup or save to your computer, once you have collected the certificate from the company you purchased from.

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