Fishing And The Danger Of Lead Sinkers

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I found your site from the fishing photos site and was reading the discussion on use lead in the lead sinkers. I see there is alternatives now as you can buy steel sinkers instead. Is it bad to use lead sinkers?

Guest Says:

Joe Says:
My personal opinion, from someone who fishes alot, is why use something that we know for sure is poisonous? It used to be that there was no alternatives, now there is as you menntioned already. Many fishing stores and even walmart and target offer steel sinkers or tin splitshots, if you think lead isn't bad then read the back of the label on the lead sinker fishing package. It has a huge WARNING about lead causing cancer and being poisonous. Keep in mind lead disolves in the fresh water or salt water, and animals and fish may eat this off the bottom of the rivers or lakes. This is exactly why lead shot for shotguns was also banned, because it was getting into the water supply. I'm amazed they havent' banned lead sinkers yet for fishing, and I wish they would, granted its a small amount but hundreds of THOUSANDS of people are casting these into the water daily. Kids always bite the splitshots on thier fishing lines also. Are you ok with your child just putting "a little bit of poison and cancer causing agent" into his mouth and biting it with his teeth? The bottom line is, as fishermen we care more about the outdoors then anyone, and we fish for sport and for eating fish because we love this. If anyone should try to help keep things clean by using safer products it should be us. You can buy "ultra steel" egg sinkers and slide sinkers now at walmart that do not contain the huge warning on the back, and they are only $1.50 to buy. No reason not ot make an effort to get rid of the lead.

JOe Says:
I remember not long ago when they said that mercury wasn't that big of a deal in the water because it was such a small amount that the coal plants were contributing to the pollution. Guess what? Now you should not ever eat shark in any situation because of the huge mercury content found in them. Tuna should be eaten "sparingly" now, because mercury content is very high, and kingfish should be released when over a certain size, because they carry too much mercury to now clean and eat. It sucks, but thats what happens when you let all this crap get into the water and just keep ignoring it for years.

Guest Says:
my guess is anyoenh fishing it probably concerned about their tackle being as most environment friendly as possible or should be, mercury is already a problem and I would hate to hear lead being the next big problem. Once its there, there is no way to easily just remove it.

Guest Says:
So why are people not worried about all the lead and mercury that is naturally in the earth?

Guest Says:
Some lead and mercury naturally in the earth is probably fine, its just that the amounts are now far exceeding what is normal.

Guest Says:
How can it exceed what is "normal" when the earth is where it originally came from?

Guest Says:
Iron comes  naturally from the earth also, but I wouldn't put 10 tablespoons of it on my cereal and eat it.

Guest Says:
Who is adding 10 spoonfuls of lead and mercury to their cereal? Does anyone actually do that?

Guest Says:
Although it probably isn't that big of a deal (right now anyways), to me this is more about doing the right thing.  We all like the outdoors and fishing and boating, so we might as well not use stuff like lead just like we try to do the right thing and follow the fishing rules by releasing fish. To me its more about morals and doing whats right.

Guest Says:
I agree with the previous poster, maybe lead sinkers are bad or maybe they arent, but its not that big of a deal for me to try to do the right thing, especially since we all like fishing or we wouldnt be posting here. :)

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