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  Main Question - Posted From PATRICIA:

Guest Says:
whats the problem with getting your email?

donna peloquin Says:
I have not been able to get my er-mail for a few days now, everytime i try to get in the oops you fo\ailed page pops up WHY'''

Guest Says:
Is the page you are going to for email this one? https://mail.aol.com Thats the one I bookmark for my email, and it has worked fine. You can also go to http://www.aol.com/ and just click the big "aol mail" yellow button to get to email, I'm guessing you are at a bad link or old link, so use one of these above.

MIKE Says:

Guest Says:
Are you getting that error that says error code C0FE180D on aol webmail? Trying clearing out your cache and all offsite web date on firefox under the tools option, then reopen firefox and go your your aol webmail again and I bet it works.

Guest Says:
this works if you just go to www.aol.com and then click the free email button at the top and sign on. The error doesn't occur when you do it that way, it only occurs when you go to the bookmarked aol page which is the mail.aol.com link.

Joe Says:
This often happens when you have a java problem in your browser and some pages look all corrupted. This will fix itself eventually, but for now just open a different browser and if you don't have a 2nd browser make sure to install firefox. So if you use firefox then go to IE, or if its happening in IE then use firefox and you will see it works fine.

Donna Says:
why can't get my email to work

Guest shorty1959420@aol.com Says:
on facebook it wont let me in to receive messages back without somekind of code  help

Gerald Samaroo Says:
I was doing an email reply when all of a sudden my computer blinked and I can't get back into my emails that I was looking at and doing some typing.
I just don't know what happened to all my emails?
Please advise me what I should do to get back into my computer.
I desperately need to get back into my emails to reply to all of them that I really need to answer.

I am Gerald Samaroo, my email address is:

Guest L Floyd Says:

i have web tv and cant get my emails  for 2 days now

Guestlfloyd Says:

i want answera  all i get is questions

jennie Says:
i have signed up with mail.com for e-mails i was so pleased to get my e-mails then i was told to update browser and now i cannot click on my e-mails nothing happens, i am really p----d off as i need to send and receive my e-mails can anyone help please!!!!!!!!!

Guestsusan Says:
all my friends tell me they can;t send me mail in any of the 3 mail.com i have  why is this

Guest Says:
Contact mail.com and ask them.

don Says:
this sucks ! One day you can get your E-mails &the next day you can"t!!!What is up with this crap??????

mac Says:
I can`t get email I can get the site and all other but the mail count stay blank help yahoo

mac Says:
I can`t get email I can get the site and all other but the mail count stay blank help yahoo

mac Says:
I can`t get email I can get the site and all other but the mail count stay blank help yahoo

Sofia Jacobsen Says:
I am not sure what the problem is??  But i am getting sick of it!!!

Guest Says:
Lots of free email providers:


Which ones are you having problems accessing?  I have a free webmail and aol.com and yahoo.com and have no problem with either.

Lupe Daniel Says:
I can't get on my email for two days

Leila Junker Says:
Why can't i get into my Email?????

GuestMarjorie Says:
Whenever I try to get on my e-mail this week, it says I can't get the web page for security reasons. It doesn't even ask for my password. What can I do?

Guest Says:
Lazy posts get lazy answers

donald Says:
help me get to my email account donaldland@sbcglobal.net

Guestpeggy Says:
It keeps saying that I've entered the incorrect password and that the one I am using has been changed ???????

brenda oglesby Says:
I am not a guest , I am a user my e-mail add is with yahoo,com what is wrong I can't get my e-mails ,do you not want my business I can go some where else

brenda oglesby Says:
I'am not a guest I am with yahoo.com I cant get my e-mail up why.do you want me to use someone else.?

GuestJerry Reed Says:
I just ask a question and still did not get an answere

charlotte Says:
what's wrong?  Why are they scheduling maintainence now?

Mary Morse Says:
I gave my zip code and they said it did not exist the they want a Moble # or something and I don't have that. I use my cp at home o n my table8

Guest Says:
If you cant get your webmail to work, and its been that way for a couple hours or more, then download an alternate browser like firefox or google chrome, and try your webmail there as it could be a browser problem you are having. Both are free browsers.


hillard jackie knalls Says:
I push my pointer on email icon ,most of the time email will not do anything ...Why???

hillard jackie knalls Says:
I push my pointer on email icon ,most of the time email will not do anything ...Why???

lori Says:
why cant i log into my e-mail !!!!!

Guest Says:
I have had ATT for months and have not been able to get not one email. I use to be able when I had aol. The only thing I don't have problems with is facebook. I feel cheated.

Guest Says:
I have had ATT for months and have not been able to get not one email. I use to be able when I had aol. The only thing I don't have problems with is facebook. I feel cheated.

GuestDOROTHY Says:

lina carnes Says:
i can't get my olt yahoo.mail back

Guest Says:
Help,,can't get email on my ipad

Dolores Says:
Can't get email on my iPad

Guest Says:
I can't get into my e-mail and I can't get a person to help me. This Sucks! Someone help me from yahoo please help me!

lyn Says:
I am with ovi.com cant get to my emails please help

Guest Says:
was happy with yahoo but  tired not getting into e-mail code2771  842771

Guest Says:
For all those posting "I cant get into email" above, you do realize that your message is completely meaningless without details right? No one is going to respond to a lazy post.

Christine Says:
I can't get my mail.  It says I have the wrong password, but I don't.

Nancie Says:
Each time I try to see my email, I get. a. Message that I can't connect with aol

Guest Says:
Nancie, try using your webmail instead of the aol client, go to mail.aol.com

GuestMarlenaSanty Says:
santy marlena@yahoo.com

I have had many services,but nothing like this. you hallve no one to answer ques.
your left hanging on the phone. Paying for 3 months and no service. where is the Better Business to help poor people out. Where do you go other than talking to people you can't understand???????????All you care about is your payments and Comcast is as bad.
Plan on talking to attorney,maybe something can be done.

Joe abuflaha Says:
I can't get any email for any one all they tell me we sent email in you email At : joe_abuflaha@yahoo.com from lon times that so bad i have to give them Google email please fix that soon, thanks'

Bigron Says:
why can't I get my e-mails? every time I try a screen pops up and says I got an error #3 but can't get any help from Yahoo at all. when I do get to a page and fill it out and hit enter it tells me that this page cannot be opened. what the heck is up with this?

Guest Says:
Bigron, try a different browser. It could be a temporary problem with yahoo email (in that case try again in a few hours), but firefox or google chrome or safari are additional free browsers that you can run alongside IE without any problem.  Its worth a try as you may have a browser problem.

Joan Says:
i have my email through yahoo and still use my old ID att.net but i can not get on. I know my password and it kicks it out every time. This is so aggravating for 3 days can't get my mail. It ask me when i try to get new password to answer security questions and it has been so many years i cannot remember how i enter them but the ones i put it are refused. please i need someone to help me with this.

Guest Says:
Try a different browser as maybe your browser is having a problem (firefox, ie, safari, chrome, all have free downloads for windows).

Lucy Lally Says:
2/13/14   Can't get into emails for two days...what's going on?

Elizabeth Says:
I cannot get into my email

Elizabeth Says:
I cannot get into my roadrunner e-mail.

Guest Says:
anyone there

pete balogGuest Says:
why cant I get into my email pbrw75 at yahoo.com

Guest Says:
please help to get my email back and send all new email soon.
and why stop my new email?  please do some thing to return
email back.  thanks.  (aas11a2003@yahoo.com).


Mary Cutrera Says:
I can get my E-Mails on my computer, but why can't I get e-mails on my
I-Pad . Thank you

GuestDarlene Says:
I can't get my juno e-mails. I sign in ok and it reognizes me but it won't load my e-mails.

Guest Says:
Iamunabletogetorreceiveemalsitkeepssayingwrongpassword howdoifindmypasswordorid. Frustrated8

Guest Says:
Why haven't I been able to get on Facebook or read my emails for the past few days?
How can it be fixed?

lindakuritz Says:
very upset I can never get into my email just as well not eve have a email if I can't  get into my email never had this mess till yahoo came into this no one wants to help

Guest Says:
I signed up for a free webmail with aol at mail.aol.com and I think its the the best spam filter of any email I've used. No issues since I started using it.

Linda Says:
Can't get into my e mail on my iPad

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