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  Main Question - Posted From Luana:
I see that you used milk for fertilizer on your tomatoe plants. My husband and I have a farm where we raise all natural grass-finished beef, pastured poultry and eggs, plus we have a couple of dairy cows, as well. Our soil is very depleted from being over grazed and over chemicalized by past farmers, and we are trying to build it up organically. We use Managed Intensive Grazing techniques, plus we pasture the poultry on the fields to get their natural fertiizer out there, plus they tend to scratch apart the 'cow patties' while eating the bugs they contain. We do have about 10 to 15 gallons of extra milk each week, and have been wondering whether it would work as a liquid fertilizer. We know our soil is especially deficient in calcium, and the pH is very low (5.5). Any advice you can give us would be appreciated... Thanks! Luana Hiebert Heritage Farms PO Box 247 Cocolalla, ID 83813

Guest Says:
I would definitely dillute it with water, a small amount with mostly water is probably good, and it also probably varies greatly based upon what you are growing. I would start with just a small area to see how it responds.

Guest Says:
Not all vegetables like calcium though either right? i'm guessing you could over do it here, even a little bit of milk has alto of calcium, so even though tomatoes like calcium you could flood them and probably kill them off so I would start small

Jim Says:
I put a little milk on mine, but small and mostly water for example one gallon of water may have half a cup of milk in it and not sure if more or less is needed but thats what i do

Guest Says:
Remember, Ca does not correct ph. Apply either CaCo or CaCo/MgCo (Lime) to correct ph. What is the value of the milk? Is it economical to use milk as a fertilizer? It would probably need to be dulited with water and it would be low fertility. The amount of nutrients per acre would very low. If biological consider manure or composted manure or compost. In not biological consider commercial fertilizer sources. Most important test your soil for a starting point.  

Guest Says:
You definitely have to mix the milk with water, its just a tiny amount of milk in the water otherwise it might burn the root like anything else would.  I've used little bits of milk dilluted with water when my milk goes bad, since I'm throwing it out anyways.

Guest Says:
not everyone is referring to having "acres" of plants, most just have a few tomato plants in their garden or on their porch

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