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Guest Says:
If betting to win the superbowl, what does +2000 mean in a sports bet? For example some teams show +2000, +1000, +3000 ,etc and some teams are much smaller +100 or +400. How do you read this? Smaller is obviously not as good as those are favorites to win the superbowl, but how do you know how much this pays in a bet?

Guest Says:
It's actually pretty easy, just remember thats bets are normally based on a +100 bet. That doesn't mean you have to bet 100 dollars, it just uses that as a marker to tell the payoff. So +2000 means a 100 dollar bet will pay you 2000 dollars, plus your money back, so its 20 to 1. You don't have to bet $100, you can bet $5 and that will pay 20 to 1 so your payoff if you win the bet will be $100.

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
What is a football bet or any bet on sports says -103? Does that mean I will have to bet the 103 just to get 103? or at least 103 to get even money?

Guest Says:
It means you bet 103 to win 100.  Its never 50 - 50 on a bet, there is gravy on every bet even when you win.

Guest Says:
A good example is what you see in las vegas sports betting where you see a football game and it shows you the point spread.  The point spread may be -7 or +7 telling you a football team is favored by 7 points or an underdog by 7 points.  So if you bet on the team that is -7, you must win by more then 7 to win the bet because you are giving 7 points. A tie gets your money back on the bet.

The sports betting line may show -110, its usually -110, -105 or -115 as those are very common. So if your bet was -110 and you bet a $100, and your team wins by 8, you dont win a $100.  You were at -110, which in sports betting means you win a $100 if you bet $110, so your $100 bet will win you $90 something etc.

Guest Says:
Please explain the mayweather and mcgreggor
Mayweather -700
Mcgreggor +500

Guest Says:
Easy, mayweather is a heavy favorite. If you bet $700 on mayweather and he wins, you will win $100 (plus your money back).  If you bet $100 on Mcgreggor and he wins, you will win $500 (plus your  money back).

Greg Zermeno Says:
nice , thank you for the definition , very helpful

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