Monitor Shows Vertical Lines After Sleep Mode.

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  Main Question - Posted From Vista64:
If your monitor shows vertical lines all across your screen once you return from sleep mode, and you are running Windows Vista 64bit computer, here is the solution. It is not a monitor problem, I had an acer monitor and I connected another monitor and the problem still existed, this is just an incompatibility with the video card and drivers and mine was an ATI Radeon 3450 video card 256 memory. I had a Dell computer and went to the Dell site to download the latest drivers, make sure you get the latest driver from the Dell site if its a Dell computer. Put your computer number on their site and you will see the ATI Radeon 64bit driver (3450), save this to your computer. Now completely uninstall the existing driver, reboot your computer to prove its gone (your monitor will default and will look crappy). Install the new ATI 64bit driver, now reboot again. The vertical lines on the monitor will now be gone whenever you return from sleep mode. You could of course just turn your computer off all the time, but you should be putting it in sleep mode, its hard on a pc to turn it off and on all the time, as sleep mode saves energy but it keeps warm so its not a cold bootup everytime. That was frustrating having vertical lines all across the monitor, you couldn't see anything or get the tasklist running even, only a reboot would bring the monitor back, but this driver issue will surely fix it. By the way I tried the latest driver from the AMD site for ATI Radeon 64bit and it did no good, you have to get it from the Dell website if its a Dell computer, I'm guessing they have the latest updates that AMD may not have.

Dale Says:
I have the same problem. Get drivers from Dell, if you can.

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