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  Main Question - Posted From Guest:
AOL has become a virus. I am using the free software and i have aol.exe and aolascd.exe and waol.exe and aolsoftware.exe ALL running in my tasklist. You can even get rid or disable the aol crap in the system tray. What a joke this company has become.

Guest Says:
It's obvious the people that wrote the aol software dont actually use the software. Otherwise they would know about all the little crap that is annoying with their software and they would actually make an attempt to fix it. Just because software is free doesn't mean people will use it. No matter how much you polish a turd, in the end its still a turd.

Moderator Says:
Use only their webmail, you can sign up for a free aol id and just use browser mail. Their free browser webmail is one of the best by far imo, great spam filter and very good interface and features. However.... that being said their client software is a joke.... annoying .... slow ...... buggy ..... resource hog....

ann Says:
I count 4 aol tasks running in the background just from installing their software. Of course even removing them does not do any good since the tasks just start up again and again.

Guest Says:
Did you see that the aol client now has ANOTHER popup window. It has an aol search popup window everytime you sign on. Jeez that company has no clue as to what they are doing, I can see more and more people not using their client software even if its free. I use it only for email because I like their web email and also their client email, but I immediately close their popups, NEVER use their internal browser, and its basically just email software for me.

linnard Says:
how to get rid of the aol monkey

Guest Says:
The worst part is that their client used to be a very good email program, allowing you to swap between multiple email ids, now its just full of popup crap, even popup search crap as if no one knows how to go to google and do searches. It really has become a disaster, they do have good web email but the buck stops there, you won't see me use their client software ever again, its a releif having it uninstalled.

EdE Says:
Agrees with Moderator.  
However I prefer to use a client instead of my browser to access my e-mail. This can save hours per week if you have several e-mail accounts.
A couple of good e-mail clients are Thunderbird (business-like) and Incredimail (cutesy). SeaMonkey is also good but requires manual configuration for each account. I personally do not like Operamail, but it isn't terrible.

See answer @

midiwiz Says:
I don't use AOL's client software, but instead login online directly, and I also have a email account that I access this way. I discovered one thing about AOL as I've been using it for close to twenty years now, and that is that regardless of how you access AOL, client software or directly through, AOL is "a joke.... annoying .... slow ...... buggy ..... resource hog...."

Guest Says:
AOL should take their client software and strip everything out of it except the email features, so its just a client email software.  Most dont care about the built in IM, built in browser, and all the other built in junk, just make it a good, fast client email program.

Also the client software works much better attaching pictures or pasting pictures in the email itself using aol email. I use the aol browser webmail but I would use the client more if they made it email software instead.  I also like how you can switch between different email IDs on it.

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