I Get A Window With Jio16fwe During Shutdown

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  Main Question - Posted From Guest:
i keep getting a window during startup as c:/windows/system32/msinfo.exe and followed by some enceypted stuff. during shutdown i again get a window with JIO16FWE and then asks to end the process.

Joe Says:
msinfo.exe is not even a valid program, so if that is in your startup list just remove it from your startup. What windows system are you running? XP? Vista? If you google JIO16FWE then it comes up with nothing but a few chinese sites, sounds like you have some type of virus or spyware, I would remove that program from your system startup

MJ Says:
Hi, Were you able to track this problem???Is it a virus related issue? I am facing the same in my PC. Thanks MJ

Guest Says:
Run msconfig by clicking start-run then type msconfig. Make sure JIO16FWE is not listed under your startup tab. You have some type of virus or spyware and you have to get rid of it.

Guest Says:
I forgot to mention, make sure that msinfo.exe program is not showing either! Look for both.

S G Says:
I am having the same problem. every time while shutting down the PC it is showing a window of JIO16FWE.exe, asking me to end now. I have tried a lot but could not able to track it. I checked in startup, it is not there. I have tried to find it by running all my anti virus tools, but no success. Please he;p me on this. All other things are running well

Guest Says:
When that window shows, press ctrl-alt-del to view your tasklist (before closing that Jio16fwe error window ). Do you see anything in your tasklist with that name ?

RS Says:
I do have similar probem of jio16fwe... but it does not show in msconfig, regedit or anywhere in the system... any solution

Guest jeevan Says:
dear sir i have one domain and i want set up proxy server in my domain and configure domain users or client so please give me solution

Guest Says:
do you people having problems use google chrome? coz when i unistalled google chrome my problem was solved.

Guest Says:
What to do if i hav uninstalled the chrome?

Anurag Says:
Hey i have no JIO16FWE in my startup tab. what to do??

Guest Says:
Run your virus checker, this is an older malware issue and it should get rid of it with a virus scan.

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