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  Main Question - Posted From Guest:
i bought a ipod nano from e-bay and someone eles's name comes up. how do i delete there name an install mine ? please help thank you .

Guest Says:
Do you have one of the older ipod nano's or is it the newer nano? Just curious but how much did it cost off of ebay? Also, did it come with songs on it already, or was it empty when you bought it? Sometimes buying a used ipod off ebay or craigslist can pay off big, as some of them are sold with all the songs on it, so you can probably get a few hundred songs or more with it! Sometimes a used ipod is worth it just to buy the music, even if you don't even need the ipod :)

sep Says:
the ipod is an older one. it dose have songs on it.want to upload them on my i tunes. i tryed but it will not work. still want to get there name off an mine on please help.

Jim Says:
If you want to change the ipod owners name, you won't find that option on the ipod settings or ipod about window, etc. Just follow these steps: First connect your ipod to itunes. When the itunes window opens, normally it will say "owners ipod" by default on the left, or in your case it may say joe's ipod, etc., whatever the name is. Click the name on itunes once to get the edit box, and just type over it. That automatically saves it, and you now have a new ipod name. :-)

sep Says:
when i pluged the ipod in the summary come up. just no way to get his name off. went to edit nothing there to remove. am i not in the right place ?

Jim Says:
I assume you mean the Itunes summary? If ITunes isn't opening automatically (it may not depending upon your setttings) when you connect the ipod, then connect your ipod on go to the programs menu and open Itunes manually. If you mean the summary tab on Itunes then thats fine, the ipod name is on the left hand side. If you are not sure what I'm talking about then paste this link in as it shows pictures, you will see Owners ipod in the screen shot http://www.justtext.com/messageboards/20060416065855.html Yours will be just like it except it will show a different name there.

Guest Says:
How much did you buy your nano for? I'm going to sell mine on ebay and just wonder what to charge :-) I use the shuffle all the time when I workout, so I figure I might as well sell the nano if I'm not using that one.

sep Says:
when i open itunes on the left side it shows the library,play list and devices under devices show joe's ipod i click on that then the summary comes up. under that it has ipod that has all the info like name{joe} capacity, seril # and format. so from there can i delete the name....

Jim Says:
You are in the right place. Click the ipod name just once to highlight that name (you can ignore the summary screen, all you care about is that name). Try clicking or right clicking it once (you may have a different Itunes version), but you will see it highlight and get a box around it and you can then simply type over the ipod name. I just tried it again to make sure I was seeing it right, and I can change the name no problem.

sep Says:
YOUR THE MAN it worked cool thanks. now how do i upload the songs that are on the ipod to itunes? and is there a way to down load songs from my media player. sorry im just new to this ipod thing.as im sure you can tell !!!!!!!!!

meme Says:

Guest Says:
apples-email@apples-email.com Have you tried it?

ktb1963 Says:
Ipod plays, but screen is white. Unable to see any info. Any suggestions?

Guest Says:
I don't think I've ever seen it where the screen is white, you might have to call the apple store on that one.

Terri DeeAnn Says:
I am certainally glad this site was here....I was going nuts trying to change owners name on an ipod 8 gb that I bought used......ty for your nano answer it worked for the reg ipod as well ...

Dre Says:
Is there a way to erase the name without having i-tunes

Guest Says:
Dont think so, Itunes controls the name so I would guess you need that to wipe the name out

william Says:
i need to delete my mom names from my ipod nano.

tina Says:
i bought my ipod nano on cragslist,theres alot of songs on the ipod,how do i delete everything without messing up my ipod nano?

Guest35 Says:
i bought a ipod nano 6th generation on cragslst and theres alot of songs, how do i delete them off my ipod without itunes.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest Says:
Why would you want to do it without Itunes?

Dig Says:
You can use Copy Trans manager to add/remove music without having to install itunes. That's what I use.

I have a question though, I plugged my new ipod nano into my machine and it took my computer's name. So it said "Computer's iPod." I renamed it in itunes and it shows up with the right name in the ipod itself, but whenever I connect it to a pc, it still shows up with "Computer's iPod" as the name of the drive.  Any way to change this?


Dig Says:
Just figured it out if anyone sees this; I just had to rename the drive in "My Computer" in windows.

But yea, anyone looking to not use terrible terrible itunes, use copytrans manager.

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