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So I'm getting cable internet for my home, and I have a desktop and laptop. I want to get a wireless router to physically wire it to the pc and access it wireless with the laptop. I just started becoming introduced to the idea of routers, so I have no idea what's out there and what all the features are. I'm not concerned with distance/coverage, I'm mainly concerned with the best security and speed I can get for less than $50. I just learned that WPA2 is one of the best securities, so I'm looking for something that has at least that. How can I go about choosing a router for this case? Also, when I do set up my router, is what I do on my pc independent from what is transmitted wireless from the router? As in, if someone is using a packet sniffer and somehow intercepts/decrypts the wireless portion of my router, do they only see the activity from my laptop that uses wireless, or also things from the pc that uses wired?

Guest Says:
I would do is just get a linksys router. They are all about the same price anymore, but the bottom line is linksys has been in the business a long time is probably the best known router brand name out there. You won't have to worry about packet sniffers unless you are wanted by the FBI, routers are also wifi so you are talking about a few hundred feet of maximum range only. The only data going through your router is your internet request, like webpages and emails sent/received. Stuff you do on your pc is just on your pc, unrelated to the router. (So you could turn the router off and everything on the pc is unaffected, its only used when accessing the internet). If you are really concerned about security just plug the wire in and don't use the wireless, most routers have cable plugins in the back also. You can set your router up anywhere, obviously by the computer since you need to plug the router into your cable or DSL modem, whichever one you have. Your computers can access it anywhere in the house, on your porch, etc.... usually better connections if closer though and with less walls in between, but even weak connections are still fine.

Guest Says:
Thanks for your detailed reply. The only thing I just need clarification for is the pc-router activity. Sorry if I was a bit unclear, but I should have said, is the internet activity I do on my pc (not some random activity I do on the computer itself) visibile on the wireless portion of the router?

Guest Says:
Does anyone know about the quality of TRENDnet router products? I just found a really cheap one here: I'm tempted by the price, but I don't know anything about their quality compared to other brands like linksys, netgear, dlink, etc. Also, what are draft-n routers and eap-tls security? Are these something I need/can use? Thanks again.

Guest Says:
Personally I would go with linksys, netgear or dlink simply because they are bigger names in the router and networking business. It probably doesn't matter much today, but if the prices are close stick with linksys unless there is a huge price difference.

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