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I downloaded a video file from central park media and as soon as I synced the video to my ipod, it started shutting off and on. It never loads the menu, just starts up and shuts off. It also makes a clicking noise, has anyone had this happen?

Guest Says:
Can you post the link where you downloaded the ipod video? I don't think it would happen from a video, unless you installed some type of software patch on it.

Guest Says:
You may want to try resetting your ipod to see if that fixes it, I doubt its any type of virus from a vid download. Resetting it will restore the ipod settings back to the factory ipod settings, and you aren't susposed to lose any media on it either. You can also just let the battery drain completely out on it, then try again if you don't want to reset the ipod. Just a suggestion.......

Guest Says:
Also, I believe the Apple store will replace it for you if there is a problem.

Guest Says:
Let us know the resolution to this, I'm curious what caused this problem!

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