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I have antivirus but I want a rootkit removal tool also. Has anyone tried some of the antirootkit tools I see on some searches?

Moderator Says:
Personally I don't think those do much good. Virus checkers work because there are people who report new viruses all the time, they are usually easily seen, so the antivirus definitions are always kept up to date in a vicious cycle. With rootkits, no one even knows the rootkits are there especially new ones, or if they are found its not in any quick time frame, so any program that removes rootkits would be useless even if they did work (which I question whether alot of them work anyways), as the rootkit definitions would always so far behind. These things don't discover stuff automatically, they have to see it first then update the rootkit/virus definitions, so its only as good as what has already been out and reported.

Guest Says:
They all advertise as rootkit removals now, not sure if they work.

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