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Just curious as to where most people get their free ipod music or where is the best download locations. Mostly interested in mp3 songs.

Guest Says:
Personally I use limewire alot, many of my songs I ripped from old CDs I had laying around the house. I would be much more interested in actually buying music if I could buy an mp3 rather then the other formats that are sold in itunes.

Guest Says:
There are alot of free mp3 downloads on the web for unknown artists, but some of their music is really good. I believe is a site that used to have alot of up and coming music artists, and their mp3 downloads.

Guest Says:
Emule, limewire, bearshare and various others if free music is what you want. As mentioned, go through all your old CDs and copy them to MP3, those are great sources. I have found it to be a great source buying old CDs cheap, just to copy the mp3s from them. I probably have 500 songs on my ipod or more but probably only listen to about 100 of them, it seems like I'm always skipping over songs to get to the best songs. Thats also why old ipods are hot items on ebay, most people want them because they just want to get all the music off them.

Guest Says:
Any other advice on this? Anyone? Anyone? :-)

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