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I have the zango toolbar i give up, how to do remove this?

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I google this, look for the following files: activewin32.exe bar.exe closeexplorer.exe closeexploreru.exe regmfc.exe. You need to delete these files. I've never had the zango toolbar but it looks like a pain, there are dll's also to remove.

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It is most likely a BHO object if its a toolbar, so download complete cleanup from and click the disable button for BHO's and this will shutoff any toolbars on your browser. Zango sounds like spyware so you may have other stuff running in the background besides the toolbar. How did you get zango in the first place? was it a rogue install or was it something you downloaded intentionally and installed?

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This is one of those 180solutions spyware crap, get rid of it. 180solutions is known for being one of the biggest spyware and adware vendors around, zango is just another name for the crap they install to display ads to you.

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