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Main Question - Posted From zoro:
I was running searches and after going to a site I didn't want, which was popping up ads and popups, every time I go on the web my homepage is now pointing to an unwanted page. I can change the homepage back to my normal homepage again, but it continues to change and revert back to a different webpage. How do I get my homepage back?

Reply From Guest:
Looks like you got yourself some spyware there or actually a homepage hijacker. Homepage hijackers are basically a form of psyware and adware that will run in the background and continually change your homepage to their site, which most likely shows popups ads on your pc. Download spybot or adaware to eliminate it, both are free.

Reply From Spyware sucks:
I would check my running tasks, you have something running there that is watching for your homepage to change, and then altering it back.

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