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I have smoke alarms which won't stop beeping or chirping and its annoying trying to sleep with the constant beeping, you can't ignore it. What exactly is the fix? Its says read the manual and i have no manual

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If it is beeping ever few minutes or so, I believe the alarm is just telling you that you have a low battery. Replace the battery.

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Most smoke alarms come with a 1 minute warning beep right? I think you will hear it beep 1 minute apart "exactly'.... that means the battery is low. Don't forget that when you replace the smoke alarm battery that you have to connect it tight and close the lid on it, some will continue beeping if its not connected tight so just double check.

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I actually went htrough this in the middle of the night, tell me that chirping doesn't suck! I actually pulled them all off the wall, removed the battery and disconnected the power from them. they still continued to make beeps, that will stop. Its basically a power limit it has for a few minutes and will even beep without any power, so don't fret at that will stop. Man it stinks when that happens in the middle of hte night, I can't beleive the morons making smoke detectors did not put an on/off switch so people can turn them off!

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I looked up several things on the smoke alarm manuals. Basically the continuous green light means power is fine to the smoke alarm, the blinking red light means battery power is received (every 30 seconds or so you will see the red light flash), the beeping or chirping that you hear occurs every minute and means the battery is low and should be changed. The cursing you hear means the neighbors are pissed because your smoke alarm keeps chirping :)

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