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How can I delete songs from a white ipod nano? I keep trying to delete then i listen to my songs and that song is still on there.

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Its really easy, on ITunes just highlight the "Ipod" on the left in your list, that way you know you are on the Ipod and not your hard drive. Then highlight any song in your ipod list and press your delete key, the song will disappear and it is gone off your Ipod. I do this all the time.

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I'm surprised Apple didn't make this easier to understand, I found it difficult trying to figure it on ITunes the first time I treid it.

Reply From Krystal:
i have read the instructions and i can't seem to find the owners ipod on my itunes can u help me please

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Deleting songs from any Ipod has been covered in detail on this site already, paste this link in your browser:

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Superb! (I wrote something else and then I read below that I aint supposed ter. So I deleted it.)

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