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Main Question - Posted From Guest:
Do you think the Ipod is better then the Zune?

Reply From Not a Zune fan:
My impression on what I have seen so far is that the zune is much more hype and advertising then anything.

Reply From Guest:
I do like the fact the zune has an FM radio on it, but chances are good the next video Ipod will add that, I would be surprised if they didn't. But the zune also is bulkier and has only 30 gig of storage compared to the video ipod with has 80 gigs of storage and is slimmer.

Reply From Nathan Vasher:
From what I've seen is the zune has a larger video screen, but its the same number of pixels as the video ipod, meaning that the quality will be less, not to mention zune is expensive. Really the zune looks like a great product if it were 1999, its like an old product getting released when everything else is light years ahead of it. I seen zune was #6 today at amazon for tech products, and 3 of the top 5 were different Ipods, so that'll tell you something..... and shuffle was #7, so actually 4 of the top 7 sellers at amazon were ipods.

Reply From Guest:
Can Zune play MP3 files??

Reply From Guest:
I bought a Zune last week. What a disappointment. Stick with the I-Pod. It's not worth the money. Microsoft makes you use their downloads, which is a bunch of songs and artist that no one has ever heard of. You have to buy points, which is a joke. Don't waste your money. The guy at Best Buy said that you can download video and songs that I had on media player. That sounded great until I found out that microsoft takes away the media usage rights and won't let you use them on the Zune. If you buy a CD for 20 bucks you still can't use it.

Reply From Guest:
If you buy a CD, you should be able to rip them to MP3 and still load them on to the zune right? No way would I buy anything but an Ipod, but I'm just curious what Microsoft could possibly be thinking by putting so many stupid restrictions into their player. No way do I plan on using wma file either, Microsoft is so hung up on restricting rights on stuff, the last thing I want is to be stuck using their file types.

Reply From Guest:
Once again Microsoft arrives late with zune. Zune was good if this was 7 years ago, I would stick with ipod and never look back.

Reply From Guest:
Zune is very hard to install unless you have the latest version of everything. I spent 2hrs, after Christmas, trying to install the software on my home computer with no luck at all. Took it to work and our IT guy tried to install it on my work computer. We spent 2 hrs. updating there. When we finally got it installed, the software on the zune player didn't match the version we'd just downloaded. For whatever reason, going through a proxy server wouldn't allow us to download the newer version for the zune devise. The Zune website is not informative enought to help you if you have a problem. You can see that a lot of people have the same problems trying to install the software and the device but there is virtually no place that tells you how to solve the problem. It's very frustrating and just not worth the hassle, in my opinion. I guess if you are VERY computer savy and have the time to look for and download all of the software you may like Zune. I am not SO I'm boxing it up and taking it back. Not worth the hassle.

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