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where is sync on the itunes screen?

Reply From Guest:
don't know, what are you looking for sync for? I've never used that even though I use Itunes all the time.

Reply From Steve Jobs:
If you use the "manually manage music" option in itunes, then there is no need for the sync option. Those who have use manual options for copying music never use sync options. For Ipod sync, do not choose the manual option, by default this is NOT chosen, so if you didn't choose it assume you are set to sync. To update your Ipod with all the music in your library, just select the sync music option and then choose "all songs and playlists". ITunes will do the rest, it will load all the music on your ipod, and will also delete the music from your ipod that is not in your list. Its also an easy way to delete ipod music, as the sync will not only load music, but erase music from the ipod also.

Reply From Guest:
To sync your songs on the ipod, it doesn't actually say "sync" on my version, it says "update songs on owners ipod" (So click File first, then update songs on owners ipod, and its updates your library onto the ipod, replacing any new songs and any songs already on there it just skips.

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