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Can someone tell me what this means? I have a window in lower right of my screen with a yellow triangle with an exclamation point that states: "Security Alert: NetWorm-i.Virus@fp Type: Virus/Network Worm Damage Level: High Description: Virus that infects executable files. Recommendation: Delete/quarantine immediately. Protection: Click this baloon (sic) to download certified Antivirus software.

Reply From Guest:
Don't click on it! Its a virus and they are trying to get you to download additional garbage. Your virus checker should remove this.

Reply From Guest:
To remove that trojan, look for the following folder: C:Program FilesVideoKeyCodec You need to delete the entire videokeycodec folder, but you won't be able to unless you terminate the tasks running first. In your tasklist look for the 2 names pmsngr.exe and isamonitor.exe and terminate the process for each of these, then go delete the folder I listed.

Reply From TomJ:
I think this is called virusburst but I could be wwrong.

Reply From Guest:
Look for C:WINDOWSsystem32dpfwu.dll also, that DLL is running at your startup and should be removed. You need to remove it from startup so it cannot run everytime you reboot your computer

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