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My smoke detector has begun chirping constantly although it is connected to the electricity in my house. Its not one of those old battery smoke detectors which chirp when the battery is low and you just pull it out to stop the chirping. The smoke detector also has a green light and red blinking light on the front. How do I stop this detector from chirping as there is no smoke in the house!

Reply From Smoky Joe:
That just means your batteries are running low and need to be replaced. Even the electric smoke detectors have batteries in them (in case power is out they still work). Just take it down and you pull the chord thing off the back off the smoke detector (it all pulls off in one section, there will be 3 wires and they are all connected to this plastic piece that disconnects.). Probably your standard 9 volt battery, check it first before buying.

Reply From Guest:
You will also get chirping becuaseall smok detectors are if you have more then 1 be aware of this. They always seem to start chirping at night, nothing like being woke up in the middle of the night to go fix smoke detectors. :)

Reply From Guest:
The green light means you have power, in other words your electricity is connected and working. I believe the red light just flashes to tell you the smoke detector is running a verification check, so that is common. Make sure your batteries are connected tightly and not loose on the connection! This will cause the chirping to restart even after changing batteries! I used a pliers to pull the plastic piece of the back because it was tightly connected, and next time it will be much easier to get off. You can always call an electrician to come do it for you if you don't want to do it or are uncomfortable with it (?).

Reply From Guest:
First one, then two, and now "three" smoke detectors "chirping" loudly night and day! I attempted to change their batteries, and they are still chirping strong. How in the Good Lord's name do I stop them?? They are reletively new, being I bought this home back in 2002. They are battery and connected. they are driving me insane! "PLEASE HELP"!!

Reply From Guest:
You can stop them by unplugging them, get a ladder and pull them off the wall and pull the main connector from the back. Be aware that if you do NOT connect them tightly to the chord, they will continue to chirp! ... so make sure you connect it and its not loose, and that the battery is not loose. Either will cause chirping, and you may want to hit the test button after connecting but on mine I didn't have to do that. Note that they may chirp even after unplugigng and removing the battery! If this happens it will probably only be for a few minutes and then stop, but at least you can put them in your garage or car to get some sleep!

Reply From Guest:
Superb! (I wrote something else and then I read below that I aint supposed ter. So I deleted it.)

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