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I (Kathy) cancelled my acct because my husband at the time hi-jacked my accounts and He used these sites to log (me) onto a dating service giving erroneous information, and he used these sites to enter (me) into with absolutely horrible and totally untrue information. In addition, he used these accounts to conduct Web Fraud as he stole a $5,000 personal loan from my personal checking account @ USAA. I was appauled when AOL allowed him to continue to use the AIM account as he just continued his malicious and embarrassing, sometimes illegal activities against me. Then, now the divorce is final, when I received notification that you let HIM reopen accounts that belonged to me I was ready to get an attorney and file suit against him and AOL for allowing and enableing him to continue his lies and defamation of character. However, I thought I would give AOL the opportunity to rectify the situation if possible, or ban him from the AOL site, or bring legal action against him yourself. Regardless and any other site listing information about me should print a retraction and penalty immediately. Please keep me in the loop so my attorney and I can make an informed decision regarding our next steps. Thanks for your time and immediate attention and resolution.

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You posted that as if this was the AOL help page or classmates page. It is neither, however you can get some help here by asking questions :) First off, how did he get back into your accounts??? I can't imagine that you didn't simply forget to change your passwords. The first thing you should do is change your passwords, then notify AOL that there is no link between the 2 of you so the account is yours, he won't have your password, and won't be able to access it. Also, change your other passwords, classmates, or any other site. Be sure to change your bank passwords or brokerage passwords, I know its a pain to do all this but your email, bank info, etc, should all be yours only and you need to do this ASAP.

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You must be blonde! If you are waiting for AOL to do anything don't hold your breath. We canceled our subscription & they continued billing us via Visa Check Card for 11 months. We called them at least once a week & they kept promising to close the account. They would stop the billing for a month & then start billing again. Our bank thought we'd just re-started our AOL account. (Duh why would anyone intentionally do that?) Good luck with your war. Oh by the way, you ex is a low rent scum sewer rat but he seems to be intelligent. You have to think smarter to beat him. You’d better get a sharp attorney who is willing to castrate the creep!

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Actually aol is free now, you don't even pay for it anymore (unless you are still on dialup).

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There is a page on this site that has some good information about how to pick a password, and what common mistakes are. Read about it here If everyone would follow simple rules to keep passwords from being guessed, many scams would be stopped.

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