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Looking at buying a new tv, leaning towards plasma 50" as its cheaper then the lcd tv (and the lcd tv is even smaller). Can anyone give input on this?

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The bottom line is LCD tv's have better picture quality and last longer then plasma, so you pay more for them. The technology is simply better, but plasma's have gotten better over the past few years.

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How large of a tv do you want? Thats a big question, as you mentioned the lcd television's are not as large, I think the biggest lcd right now is 45 inches, maybe 48 inch but I don't think I've seen that yet and I've been looking. You always pay more for the very largest size also, if getting lcd I would go with 42" inch, thats still good size and you will get alot better price.

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Brand doesn't matter either, don't get caught up on what brand it is, I read somewhere that all these makes, whether Sony, Panasonic, etc., just use the same exact hardware and rebrand it to thier name. The brand simply doesn't matter anymore, get the best price.

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Plasma television's used to have the "burn in" effect, but I don't think that exists anymore. If the plasma tv is alot cheaper I would go that route, sometimes its so much cheaper you could buy 2 plasma's to 1 lcd! If thats the case and the television goes bad you could always buy another, hard to beat the television price when its that much cheaper. I also heard that plasma tv's have great quality to start, then slowly degrade a bit, which is why lcd is considered a better tv.

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don't confuse lcd with lcd projection tvs, lcd projection tvs are NOT the flat panel lcd tv, they are HUGE like the bube tubes, and if you ever want to move it to a different room, the tv is so large you can't even do anything with it.

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