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Is there a website where I can delete music from my ipod?

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You don't need to go to any website to delete from the Ipod, just open your ITunes and delete directly from there. If you don't have ITunes, then install it.... its free so it doesn't cost anything, no reason not to ahve it. Paste this link in your browser for details on how to delete music on your ipod: http://www.gatorspit.com/tips/delete-music-ipod.html

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Its pretty simple, highlight the song on your Ipod within Itunes, and press the delete key on your keyboard. The highlighted song will then be deleted.

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I wonder when the next Ipod version will be released. I'm guessing you will see a new Ipod or a new video Ipod before Christman this year.

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Looks like th next Ipod could be next week, apple has a conference and could release an Ipod phone or a newer Ipod nano with more storage is my guess

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Look ITV (I-tv is the new name for their wireless box to send movies to your television, I think that could be really cool.... not only could your computer be your dvd player for your tv now, but I like the idea of watching computer movies on my regular tv). They also announced thinner IPod and also new video ipod.

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hi, is this live?

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Can any one help me?

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I really need help with my ipod, is aneone here?

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