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Main Question - Posted From jess:
How do i delete songs off my ipod so i can download new songs but i haven't got ITunes on my computer?

Reply From Guest:
To delete songs from your ipod... its easy, just follow these steps here http://www.gatorspit.com/tips/delete-music-ipod.html

Reply From Guest:
You will want to download Itunes if you want to put music on your computer. No reason not ot have it, Itunes is free. You don't have to buy music from Itunes eihter, you can just use it to copy your existing mp3 files over to your Ipod.

Reply From Guest:
Alot of peopel think itunes means you have to "pay" for songs..... you don't have to, you can simply use itunes to copy mp3 files to your ipod, and you can play your mp3 files through itunes without buying any itunes songs separately.

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