Puting Music On Ipod From Two Different Computers.

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If I allready have music on my ipod that i downloaded from one computer, how can i put more music on it from a different computer?

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You can connect your Ipod to the other computer and download onto it the same way. It shouldn't matter if its a different computer or not, copying to the Ipod will work exactly the same way. You need ITunes of course on the other computer.

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Keep in mind that most music you download also have limits on how many times you can copy it. If you are using MP3 then you can copy it as often as you wish. I think the limits are kind of ridiculous as I delete and recopy everything back tot he Ipod many times, and have done so many times so far. If you use the aac format then make sure you make a cd and rip it back to mp3 so you know its ok to copy unlimited times. I'm not into piracy or using mp3 for this reason either......

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This question should be clarified more. You can copy from one ipod to the other as long as you have itunes set to MANUAL first. Otherwise the 2nd computer will replace or delete the music already on the ipod, setting to manual will allow you to select and copy any files to the ipod without affecting all existing music. Paste this page in your browser to read more about setting it to manual on itunes: http://www.justtext.com/messageboards/20060416065855.html

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