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How do you put your CD music onto your ipod?

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Do you have ITunes? If not go download it here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ You have to use ITunes to copy them to your Ipod.... doesn't matter if its nano or any other Ipod, they all work the same, just create a list of songs and drag them to the Ipod link on the left.

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I think I misread your question..... doh! You said CD, so I assume your music is still on the CD, you need to rip them to MP3 first, which is easy, then once you have your music on your pc you can listen to it on your pc or copy it to your Ipod. I rip all my music from CD to pc, makes for a nice backup also in case your CDs ever go bad.

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To see how to rip your songs from CD to MP3, go to: http://www.gatorspit.com/tips/rip-from-cd-mediaplayer.html In the options I recommend choosing the 192 khz setting (don't get confused, you will see this in the options when you follow the instructions on that page). 192khz gives you a nice trade off in CD quality sound vs. small file size, so I always recommend using 192 when making MP3 files.

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