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I did a google search, and got notified with my antispyware program that a page was attempting to connect, even though I didn't click on any links yet?

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Which browser are you using?

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Both netscape and firefox.... didnnt try it on IE.

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Thats because Firefox does what is called prefetching, so when you google search its automatically opening websites at the top and loading them to your computer, its basically assuming you want to see the top links and loading whether you want to see it or not. Then if you click it it will open extremely fast.

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Thats a big security flaw, if the website has spyware installs on it, these can load to your computer even though I didn't click to go to the website! Not to mention that cookies and everything else it automaticaly loaded to my computer.

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websites are getting "hits" also, even though you chose not to go there. sounds like a good advertising ploy, selling ads for hits due to the traffic, no matter whether their link was clicked or not.

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I have mine disabled, only netscape and firefox do this. Enter about:config on your address bar and hit the enter key, a window will open, find the network.prefetch-next line and double click it, you will see it turn to false. This turns prefetching off and that will not occur anymore. I disabled mine just for this reason, its ridiculous that they are loading pages that I never chose to actually visit.

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