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Can I password protect a folder on xp? I don't want anyone accessing the videos or files in this folder without a password entered

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If you are running XP Pro, then there is an option to password protect any folder. Locking folders is available only on XP Pro, so if you are running XP home as most are, then password protecting folders is not an option.

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There are alot of software programs to do this too, on XP Home, both shareware and freeware, you can find many by searching on it some are good nad some are bad.

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Actually Microsoft has made a program for password protecting folders on XP home now, its free on the MS website. I downloaded it here at the time: You may want to search for it, its called microsoft privacy folder. Basically it password protects a folder on your pc and you can just dump items into it, it is unviewable also unless you have the password for this folder.

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Well if you didn't get their free software by now, looks like Microsoft removed it. Apparently there was too many complaints from businesses and others that didn't want people to be able to block files from them (I read that in an article).... so MS removed their free folder locking software.

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