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Main Question - Posted From Guest:
Please post the manual removal instructinos for spyaxe if you have it, I don't want to run a prog for it, I want to remove spyaxe manually. Thanx

Reply From Guest:
First, find the follow 3 files on your pc and remove them: sa1.exe hp[X].tmp hpE951.tmp Next, remove the following 3 DLL files (actually you need to unregister them). ioctrl.dll webconm.dll svchosts.dll Finally, spyaxe uses BHOs in your browser also, so run a BHO program that allows you to remove these (the free version of spy guardian pro will allow you to remove BHO entries). You can also find and remove them in your registry, but I'm not sure of the exact location for BHOs so the easiest thing to do is just run a program that does this final part. It's good to have a program like this anyways in case you need it again in the future. These steps will eliminate spyaxe spyware.

Reply From Guest:
Ugh, spyaxe has several other files I forgot to list! (Sorry). mscornet.exe mssearchnet.exe nvctrl.exe spyaxe.exe Remove all 4 of these otherwise spyaxe will still be on your pc and may redownload the other files. After killing these be sure to reboot (you may also need to kill these first in the ctrl alt del window, otherwise spyaxe will always be running).

Reply From Joe Mayo:
Removing spyaxe is a pain in the azzz. You may want to use a spyware remover to eliminate this, as there are too many files to remove this manually.

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