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How do i remove spyfalcon spyware?

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Most spyware has a startup entry in your registry. Spyfalcon uses the spyfalcon name, so you a registry search for the name spyfalcon (no space) and you will find an entry under the "Run" registry heading. Delete this entry, reboot immediately and it shouldn't be running anymore.

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Also remove the following folder: c:Program Filesspyfalcon

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I forgot to mention to get rid of the *.lnk entries on your desktop and start menu also..... spyfalcon 2.0.lnk in Documents and SettingsUserNameapplication datamicrosoftinternet explorerquick launch spyfalcon.lnk in Documents and SettingsUserNamedesktop spyfalcon 2.0.lnk in Documents and SettingsUserNamestart menu spyfalcon 2.0 website.lnk, spyfalcon 2.0.lnk, uninstall spyfalcon 2.0.lnk in Documents and SettingsUserNamestart menuprogramsspyfalcon blacklist.txt, spyfalcon.exe, spyfalcon.url, syg.db, uninst.exe in Program Filesspyfalcon english.ini in Program Filesspyfalconlang

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Spyfalcon popups will continually appear if you have this. Every minute or so you will get a popup message and get redirected to the spyfalcon website. I read on other pages that you must also delete the following file : dxmpp.dll

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