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Main Question - Posted From Robin:
Hello, I have purchased about 75 songs from itunes that are on my ipod now. About a month ago, my house was hit by lightning and I lost my computer completely and all of the music in it. I have the 75 songs on the ipod now, but I want to add more. Can I download what is currently on my ipod back to an itunes library so I can download more and refresh my playlists with new songs? I am afraid to start a brand new playlist on itunes then try to merge them for fear of losing what is on my ipod right now. Hurry! I am running in a marathon next week and I need more tunes! Rcarson89@msn.com I have windows media center if that helps.

Reply From Guest:
No you still have them. No problem, I copy songs from my Ipod back to my pc all the time, its one of the nice advantages since you can use your Ipod as a backup in case something like this ever happens, then you still have your music. Look at this page here, it gives you details on how to copy them back to your pc. http://www.gatorspit.com/tips/copy-music-ipod.html

Reply From Guest:
Don't forget also, I would take some of the music and rip them back to MP3 songs on your pc. MP3 is an open format so you can save your music as an open format without copy restrictions. You have to burn a CD first using Itunes, but then you can take the CD and use winamp or windows media player to rip them back to MP3. Then you have your music saved an an open format!

Reply From Guest:
You can also set different MP3 khz options (for CD quality sound), you will see optoins on window media player for 192 khz, and option for choosing MP3 format, its pretty simple and I have found 192 to be the best trade off in sound vs. size with audio. You can also copy the MP3 format back to the Ipod, I dont like using the aac format of Itunes, but its my preference as this way everything I have is MP3.

Reply From Guest:
You should copy all your MP3's or other music files to CDs to keep as an emergency backup, as it would suck to lose all your music. You can never have enough backups, but once you get a gig or two, I would definitely burn to 3-4 CDs (not audio CDs, but copy them as MP3 or whatever format you are using, as you can get a 100 or more songs on a CD that way), 3 or 4 CDs will save your 2 gig or so of music. Then put them away in a safety box and you will always have a fall back!!!

Reply From Guest:
Xdrive.com now offers 5 gigs of free storage. Its a pretty good option for those that want to upload their mp3 or ohter file types there, that way you always have it as a backup in case your pc hard drive crashes.

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