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Main Question - Posted From Guest:
What is the life span on an Ipod battery? Does anyone know if I should let the battery completely drain before I recharge it or will that damage the Ipod battery if I dont?

Reply From Guest:
I believe that Ipod batteries are now lithium, they are not those old ones that used to have that drain problem. (Was that nickel cad batteries that had that issue?). In other words you do not have to let it completely run dry before recharging and that will not hurt it.

Reply From Jim McMahon:
I recharge mine all the time without letting it run down. No problem here. I've had my Ipod Nano ever since they were first released and my battery is still going strong, no issues at all.

Reply From Guest:
The main thing is that you do not leave your Ipod in your car. Heat is the one thing that can damage ALL BATTERIES. Leaving the Ipod in your car will cause permanent damage especially if you live in FL, TX, etc..... other then that I don't think you have to worry about anything else, Ipod's and their batteries seem to be very durable.

Reply From Guest:
No problem with my Ipod battery yet, I use it about 2 hours a week, so not alot, but no problems at all so far.

Reply From MCR:
Mine said the battery lasts 14 hours. And the charge time is 2-3 hours.

Moderator Says:
The battery life on my nano seems to be good, I wish it was longer but don't we all? ;-) Battery life is the one thing that seems to still lag the technology advancements, it seems like over the past decade that battery advancements has been non existent, they just make things smaller (like the nano) so that they use less power.

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