Canon Only Making Digital Cameras Now?

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Main Question - Posted From Guest:
Did you see the news that Canon has decided to only make "digital cameras" now? They are not going to do film cameras anymore. Man thats a shocker how fast things can change esepcially in the camera and digital world. --------------------------------- A spokesman at Canon, the world's largest maker of digital cameras, said it made the decision to freeze development of both compact and single lens reflex (SLR) film models because the markets for both are shrinking.

Reply From BarryBonds:
Well ever since I bought a digital camera (I have a Kodak digital), I can't imagine why anyone would want a film camera again. I can take hundreds of photos, delete the ones I don't want, easily save them to pc, easily email them or print them, what more do I need?

Reply From Guest:
Sometimes you may want a film camera for those that are taking really high quality photos, like scenic pictures or landscapes, etc....

Reply From Guest:
I'm not even sure how important that is anymore to have film cameras even for scenic and high resolution photos. You can get digitial cameras for a good price today and 10 megapixel, so those can print a very high quality picture.

Reply From Guest:
Heh I saw the poparazi (spelling?) taking photos with a digital camera, if they can use that I think anyone else can too. You konw their pictures have to be very high quality, especially if they are naked celebrities :)

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