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I have several pcs and I'm looking for a free antivirus program. Is there any free virus scanners available that I can install (meaning that the free antivirus programs are actually decent, are updated, and find most viruses?). I've tried many of the others, they have gotten more expensive and I don't care to keep buying for all my different computers.

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There are several good antivirus programs, and there are several that are free too. the most popular is probably the AVG virus scanner (called AVG Antivirus), I have used tis and it is free and is quite good from what I can see. You can find it on google or yahoo search.

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Avg is good virus softwaer, but there are also several good free spyware protectors also. I recommend Microsoft's antispyware program, and also use adaware. Both are free and will keep the garbage off your computer.

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Be carefull downloading adaware as there are many similiar names to it, so be sure to get the right program. Also, spybot search and destroy is another very good spyware remover. It is also a freebie, and it never hurts to run all 3 of these. I will try the antivirus, most antivirus programs cost $$ but I will give that a shot (I wonder how they make $$??? They can't just give it away free without having some type of ads or spyware inside it, and there is no cost at all for it??).

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Too me its a trade off because the virus software really slows down pc performance and browsing performance with all the system crap running in the background. I don't use any of that but I'm very familiar with this stuff, I just do a manual check myself every few months and I have never had a virus even once. I don't think you need virus checkers unless you are downloading random email attachments that are sent to you and doing other dumb things like that.

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